Student Publications

Bernhard Kirchner (MARS-REEERS '20) interviewed by Ambasssador Tedo Japaridze for Brussels Morning about the effects of the pandemic on the world of cybersecurity.
Daniel Petrick, a PepsiCo Fellow and MARS-REERS student publishes his "Letter from the Sharr Mountains" in The Calvert Journal.
Mariya Chukhnova (MARS-REERS 2020) wrote about Ukrainians looking askance at leap years.
In a piece for the Institute of Modern Russia, Robert Abbott (MARS-REERS '20) questions the reliability of Russia's COVID-19 statistics and considers the possible political and medical implications.
Dante Matero (MARS-REERS '20) contributed an analytical piece on the Paul Whelan spy case and hostage diplomacy for the Institute for Modern Russia (IMR, 15 July 2020).


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