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Casey Michel (’15) argues in Houston Chronicle that an expansion of U.S. gas exports is the most viable long-term response to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. In Roads & Kingdoms he recalls the period of Nestor Makhno and contends that “it was perhaps the last time Ukraine was truly free.” Link:
Maria Snegovaya, a doctoral candidate in Columbia’s department of political science, analyzes Putin’s philosophical leanings, and argues that “his reality is a very different reality” from the one in which Western political analysts live. Read her analysis in The Washington Post‘s political science blog, The Monkey Cage. Link: http http://www.washingtonpost.
Casey Michel (’15) argues that debt growth during the Obama years has been far from extraordinary in The Washington Post‘s blog The Monkey Cage and in The Descrier. To read about it in The Monkey Cage, go here; to read him in The Descrier go here. Link:
MARS-REERS student Casey Michel (’15) writes about exorcisms in Moldova for Slate and analyzes Russia’s numbers in the Pew Research Global Attitudes Project in The Descrier.  Link:


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