MA Thesis Requirements


Next deadline for submission: June 4th, 2020

All students must register for a two-semester MA Thesis Regional Studies Seminar ( Research G4020) taught by Professor Elise Guiliano. Students must first enroll in section 1, a one-credit seminar, which focuses on conceptualizing and writing a formal thesis proposal. Students will develop the proposal under the guidance of the seminar instructor, and through a process of peer review in which students read and critique each other’s work-in-progress. At the end of the semester, the thesis proposal may be shown to potential faculty advisors. Once two faculty advisors are secured, the thesis proposal must be submitted to the MARS program advisor along with a proposal form signed by the faculty advisors. Students will receive a letter grade in the seminar.

The following semester, students must register for section 2 of Reasearch G4020, a two-credit thesis course, during which students will work independently with their faculty thesis advisors while writing their thesis. The advisors will assign a final grade to the thesis that will serve as the grade received in this course.

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